How Do We Work

Our goal is to bring about a positive change in people's lives, and this is accomplished in several steps, which promise the broadest and most comprehensive change in the doctors' review and appointment process.

Our work is summarized after registering doctors in the application, by making all doctors accessible to patients, and by simply registering in the application (name, phone number, age and address), he can reach all doctors.

He chooses from the reservation button today, hour and minute, to start the reservation process, and it is very easy, then he chooses the type of service that the doctor provides, and of course before that he gets to know the doctor and his testimonials, comments and opinions of the reviewers who previously visited, and also finds the price of the examination The time it takes, after which the reservation is made, then the confirmation of the reservation is received by the doctor.

After completing the examination, the application requests that the doctor be evaluated according to what the patient sees, and if the patient has a note or comment, he records it, to reach the doctor and to the supervising authorities, especially in clinics and hospitals.

The patient can keep the prescriptions, analyzes and others in his account in the application, as well, his reviews are documented, unless he does not want to.

The doctor maintains a file of references for review in future reviews.

There will be no waiting process, and no crowding and overcrowding in waiting rooms.

In one account, it is possible to book with the different doctors registered in the application.