Privacy Policy

The application management adopts a package of precautionary measures, which will maintain the information of all registered in the application to develop services and facilitate communication between service providers and users, among them (name, phone number, age and address) and this is requested when registering at The application, and it is approved in the appointments process and in the provision of services, and our eagerness to use the best technologies in maintaining that information.

The application does not ask for a lot of information when registering, and we made sure to use information that is very simple and away from any complications, excluding as much as possible all that relates to privacy, but there is necessary information within the services provided by the application.

In the event that credit cards are used in accounting operations when dealing with application services, the application system is based on the feature of not storing that information with us at all, in order to protect the privacy of users and service providers.

The imperatives of work and continuous development processes on the application's operating system require, making some simple or fundamental changes, and that any new or additions to the privacy policy at any time will appear on our site, for this we stress the need to visit the website continuously, and this announcement is considered an invitation For everyone to see any change that occurs on this level.


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