Terms And Conditions

All dealers in this application are bound by the general terms and provisions that we list below, aiming to facilitate the work and maintain the sustainability of cooperation and interaction between all parties, and at the same time contribute effectively to the required development, otherwise the application management has the right to take Immediate actions that maintain the service continuity, development, and durability. And that your registration in the application means your acceptance of the terms and conditions.

1- The application service includes many aspects, which aim to facilitate access to doctors with little effort, and not to waste time in the long wait.

2- The user is obliged to approve accurate information when registering for the application, and if he uses inaccurate information, he will bear any error resulting from that.

3- The doctors registered in the application alone appear to the user, and with our eagerness to reach the largest possible number of doctors and in all specialties, we are not responsible in the event that a doctor does not exist in a specific jurisdiction, and that the work continues to provide distinct packages of doctors and In all specialties.

4- The new areas where our services are available will be announced, and we are not responsible for their lack of availability in some areas, but the effort continues to spread and work to cover all areas and neighborhoods.

5- We do not interfere with the user’s choice of a specific doctor, and that is only his choice.

6- We are not responsible for the patients ’evaluation of doctors or for the comments they publish on each doctor’s page, but in the event that the doctor feels some kind of abuse, he can contact the application administration to investigate this, and verification is done with the methods used in such cases, and in the event The complainant’s accuracy has been confirmed, as the comment or evaluation will be deleted immediately, and the commenting and evaluation owner’s account will be canceled and no account will be accepted in the future.

7- We are not a body for filing complaints against physicians' service providers, but as long as the patient is right to suspend it, we will not delete the comment, and in the event that there is a complaint, we can resort to the relevant and concerned authorities.

8- The comments and evaluations that we are keen to make a major part of the application, aim first and foremost to urge and encourage service providers to provide the best services to patients, and that their testimonies are the best way to inform others of their good performance.

9- In the event that complaints are received from doctors against some patients, the application administration will take quick measures according to strict and strict policies, and this may result in the user being deprived of the application for a limited period, and the deprivation may reach the final cancellation of his account.

10 - We have established a feature for the department official or director and the higher levels in medical complexes and hospitals to monitor the performance of the doctors working with them, by watching comments and evaluating patients for each doctor, which contributes to improving performance if there are some complaints.